SAROM GLOBAL specialises in providing advanced industrial control valves. Our TUV-certified on/off shut-off valvesindustrial flow control valvesball valvesbutterfly valvesspecialty valves, and rotary control valves are designed to deliver unmatched performance and accuracy across a diverse range of applications. Let’s explore the world of control valves and discover why they are crucial for your industrial processes.

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What Are Control Valves?

Control valves play a vital role in automated systems by helping to control and adjust important factors such as pressure, flow, level, and temperature. Think of them as the ultimate control switches in a high-tech setup.

Here’s how they work:

  1. Valve: Control valves come with a valve body, which can either have a stem that moves back and forth or one that rotates.
  2. Actuating Device: Think of this as the muscle of the valve. It’s usually a spring diaphragm type mechanism.
  3. Valve Positioner: This instrument takes signals from a computer or controller and translates them into commands for the valve. It’s like the brain of the operation.
  4. Airset or Regulator: This part supplies air pressure to the positioner, making sure everything runs smoothly.

What is the function of a control valve?

Power-operated control valves are used to control or modify the flow of various fluids, including water, steam, oil, and gas. It is an example of a final control element and is an essential component of a control loop.

What are the 5 types of control valves?

ValvesAll Types Of Industrial Valves, Sarom global come in various shapes and sizes, and they play a crucial role in different industries. They help stop, adjust, and manage the movement, force, and path of liquids and gases. Some common types include gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, check valves (also known as spring return valves), and butterfly valves.

Why Are These Valves Important?

In factories and workplaces, it’s super important to keep liquids flowing just right to make everything work smoothly and safely. That’s where our valves come in! They’re like the superheroes of the industrial world. They help things run smoothly, prevent any surprises in the process, and keep everyone safe. And guess what? Our valves have this cool certification called TUV that says they’re top-notch and follow all the rules and standards that industries need. So, you can totally trust our valves to do their job well and keep things running smoothly and safely. “Control valves are very important in many industries, such as oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, and food and beverage. They help to keep these industries safe, efficient, and profitable.” – Jane Doe, Control Valve Product Manager.

What type of control valve is most frequently employed in industry?

Ball valves are like the workhorses of flow systems used in various industries. They are famous for being budget-friendly, strong, and excellent at shutting things off completely. However, when you need to be super precise and have fine control over the flow, they might not be your best choice, similar to how a hammer isn’t the ideal tool for delicate crafting.

Ball Valves Types, Construction, Applications and Advantages

Industrial Applications

Our valves are designed to excel in challenging conditions. Whether it’s extremely hot or freezing cold, under high pressure or deep underwater, our valves consistently deliver outstanding performance. They’re also ideal for tasks like controlling hazardous chemicals, managing thick substances, and even launching and receiving important equipment. That’s why various industries trust and prefer our valves.


How to Choose Control Valves ?

Choosing the right control valve for a specific application is a crucial task because it can significantly impact the performance, efficiency, and safety of a process or system. To select the appropriate control valve, you should consider several factors and follow a systematic approach.

Temperature limitations, pressure limits, corrosion resistance, and erosion resistance are all impacted by the material used in control valve construction. The temperature, pressure, pH, fluid composition, and environmental and regulatory requirements should all be taken into consideration when choosing the valve material for your system.

So, the first step is determining the role your control valve needs to fulfill. Once you’ve clarified that, you’re well on your way to selecting the right control valve for the task at hand.

Our Industrial Control Valve Installation Process

When it comes to setting up our industrial control valve, we’ve got it down to a science. Our team of experts works diligently to make sure everything goes smoothly, so you can count on top-notch performance and reliability.

1. Comprehensive Assessment

Before installation, our experts conduct a thorough assessment of your industrial setup and specific requirements. Understanding your system’s unique characteristics allows us to recommend the most suitable for your applications.

2. Precise Valve Configuration

We carefully set up each control valve to match exactly what your process needs. Our team focuses on things like how fast things are flowing, how much pressure there is, and the temperature range to make sure everything works just right.

3. Integration and Installation

Our experienced engineers will seamlessly integrate our valves, minimising disruption to your operations and maximising efficiency.

4. Calibration and Testing

Once installed, each control valve undergoes thorough calibration and testing to verify its performance. We thoroughly check for any potential leaks, inaccuracies, or irregularities, ensuring that our valves are functioning optimally before leaving the site.

Additional Services

Control valves are the heart of process plants, regulating the flow of liquids and gases with precision. Our specialised Control Valve Service and Maintenance division is dedicated to ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of these critical components. Furthermore, we are vendor agnostic, and we can support complex technical issues with any process technology. Our staff has addressed remedies for the most complicated valve issues. Below are some of the services we offer:

Control Valve Maintenance for Your Plant

Our Control Valve Maintenance Services are all about making sure your plant runs smoothly. We take care of your equipment to keep things working their best, so you can avoid any unwanted breaks and get the most done.

Our services include:

1.  Regular Checkups:

We make it a point to consistently examine things thoroughly to catch potential issues early, ensuring we can prevent them from causing major disruptions and expensive inconveniences in your daily life.

2. Accurate Valve Fixes:

We specialize in fixing control valve problems with precision, whether it’s stopping leaks or adjusting calibration issues. Our aim is to make your valves work their best again.

3. Calibration and Testing:

Making sure control valves work perfectly is essential. We carefully adjust and test your valves to ensure they operate exactly as they should.

4. Boosting Your System’s Performance:

Our team of experts carefully examines your control valve systems to find ways to make them work even better. By making small adjustments to how they operate, we help you get the best control and efficiency possible

Control Valve Reliability Services

Our Services are all about making sure your valves work well, which helps keep everything running smoothly in your processes.

Our services include:

      • Finding the Reasons Behind Problems

Whenever problems pop up, we take a close look to figure out why they happen. This way, we can stop them from happening again and make things more reliable in the long run.

      • Predictive Maintenance Made Simple

We use smart techniques to foresee when control valves might have issues. Then, we act ahead of time to fix them, so you won’t face any sudden interruptions.

      • Keep Your Valves in Top Shape!

We’ve got you covered with our non-stop performance monitoring. We keep a close eye on your valves to make sure they’re working their best. If anything needs a little tune-up, we’ll fix it right away to make sure everything stays reliable.

Control Valve Performance Services

SAROM GLOBAL provides valve performance services that help make your valves work their best, ensuring they perform at their highest level.

Our services cover:

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      • Custom Valve Optimization

Our team fine-tunes your control valves to make sure they work perfectly for your specific needs. This ensures incredible accuracy and reliable, high-quality performance.

      • Flow Optimisation

Our experts study how things flow and make changes to make them work better. This helps save energy and make better products.

      • Integrating Control Systems: Enhancing Valve Performance

We ensure that our valves seamlessly sync with your control system, allowing them to communicate effortlessly and collaborate for improved overall performance.

Educational & Training Services

Boost your team’s knowledge with our Education and Training Services. We’re here to help you understand control valves better, so you can make smarter decisions and run things more smoothly.

Our educational training service includes:

      • Training Workshops: Join our fun workshops guided by our top-notch experts. We’ll teach you everything from the basics of control valves to advanced maintenance methods.
      • Educational Resources: Explore a treasure trove of learning resources like guides, videos, and documents to boost your team’s knowledge at your own speed.
      • Customised Training: We’ve got just the right training programs tailored to meet your process plant’s unique needs. Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, we make sure our training fits your plant perfectly

Why Choose SAROM GLOBAL for Control Valve:

      • Technical Skills::

Our team is made up of highly skilled engineers who are experts in fluid control systems. They have a deep understanding of these systems and can provide you with expert advice and assistance.

      • Putting You First: Our Client-Centric Approach

At SAROM GLOBAL, we prioritise customer satisfaction and build lasting partnerships with our personalised service.

      • Technical Skills::

Our team is made up of highly skilled engineers who are experts in fluid control systems. They have a deep understanding of these systems and can provide you with expert advice and assistance.

      • Putting You First: Our Client-Centric Approach

At SAROM GLOBAL, we prioritise customer satisfaction and build lasting partnerships with our personalised service.