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Digital Twins and Simulators

Sites are benefiting from the industrial internet of things (IIoT) which is allowing operators to further leverage data to improve production.

This can come through multiple ways, including the ability to use plant-wide wireless network to allow instrumentation to be where you need it, when you need it – but to also allow the collection of data from more points and at a higher fidelity.

This allows the development of Digital Twins to simulate their processes and systems to test prior to committing to work/changes on a live site.

We are able to assist you in modernising your existing facilities or helping you design, build and acquire a digital twin fit for your site needs.

We have experience in process modelling and operator training simulators (OTS), as well as integrating it with a DCS of your choice to create a fully functional digital twin. Furthermore, we can helpyou set up the workflows to maximise the benefit of these systems.

Modelling packages include: Aspen HYSYS, Honeywell Unisim, AVEVA DYNSIM


Data Analytics

The other advantage provided by IIoT is the increased availability of plant data for analytics.

Our team of process specialists are able to assist you with maximising the use of this data for improved process learnings. This can assist in improving many aspects of your site, from process models to helping debottleneck production.


Industries We Serve

  • Energy Production and Processing Plants

  • Hydrocarbon Processing Plants

  • Oil & Gas(O&G) Processing Plants

  • Hydrogen Plants

  • Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Plants

  • Floating Production and Storage (FPSO) Plants and Offshore Platforms

  • Petro Chemical Refinery Plants

  • Power Generation Plants

  • Nuclear / Atomic Power Plants

  • Chemical Plants

  • Ammonia Plants

  • Mineral and Mining Processing Plants