Factory Acceptance Testing

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

Incorrect or insufficient testing can result in significant costs and delays for a site at a future date. This can be mitigated by ensuring that the correct tests and checks are made earlier on in the project phase.

Our team has significant greenfield and brownfield project experience which our customers are able to leverage.

    • Link Acceptance Testing between existing systems and 3rd party additions
    • Model Acceptance Testing for OTS and other Process simulators

Industries We Serve

  • Energy Production and Processing Plants

  • Hydrocarbon Processing Plants

  • Oil & Gas(O&G) Processing Plants

  • Hydrogen Plants

  • Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Plants

  • Floating Production and Storage (FPSO) Plants and Offshore Platforms

  • Petro Chemical Refinery Plants

  • Power Generation Plants

  • Nuclear / Atomic Power Plants

  • Chemical Plants

  • Ammonia Plants

  • Mineral and Mining Processing Plants