Plant Optimization With POSy-System Our optimisation processes also include POSy-SystemTM, as part of our business alliance with Paradox Engineering & Technology Canada, SERVICES | pent ( The POSy-SystemTM optimisation methodology is a true multivariable orthogonal resolver whereby it solves for the most optimal of a set of multivariable Set Points, Outputs, System Gain and Nonlinear [...]
POSy-SystemTM is a self-contained Optimization Software Engine and Platform. POSy-SystemTM increases production, quality, and optimizes efficiency, resulting in increased profit margins and lower energy consumption. The POSy-SystemTM focuses on customer key performance requirements by using our proprietary Optimization System. Significantly Increased Productivity & Efficiency Increase Operating Profit Margins & EBITDA Reduce Manufacturing Costs Improve Product [...]

Industry projects and operational assets have experienced the highs and lows of success and failures. When project cost and schedule or operational budgets are on track, the success is often praised openly. When real struggles arise, the news is often quiet or downplayed. The knowledge of what has worked and why it is equally as important to what does not work.