Pasteurisation is a crucial process that plays a significant role in ensuring the safety and longevity of various food and beverage products. In this blog, we will explore the fascinating world of pasteurisers, explaining how pasteurisation works and why it is essential. Furthermore, we will also introduce you to SAROM GLOBAL, a leading provider of pasteurisers and explain how their expertise can benefit your business.

What is Pasteurisation?

Louis Pasteur developed pasteurisation in the 19th century as a heat treatment method to kill harmful bacteria and microorganisms in food and beverages. Therefore, by subjecting products to specific temperatures and time durations, pasteurisation strikes a delicate balance between preserving the quality of the product and ensuring its safety for consumption. Now it has become an essential process in the food industry. 

How Do Pasteurisers Work?

Pasteurisation offers various methods tailored to specific products and their unique requirements. SAROM GLOBAL provides a wide range of commonly used pasteurisers, including flow pasteurisers, tunnel pasteurisers, reverse tunnel pasteurisers, and chamber pasteurisers.

  1. Flow Pasteurisers:

Flow pasteurisers handle high volumes of liquid products by continuously flowing them through a heat exchanger. In the heat exchanger, the product is heated to a specific temperature and held for a predetermined time. In fact, this effectively eliminates harmful microorganisms while preserving the taste and quality of the liquid.

  1. Tunnel Pasteurisers:

Tunnel pasteurizers are ideal for packaged products, such as canned or bottled beverages. In this method, the products are conveyed through a temperature-controlled tunnel, where they are exposed to hot water sprays or steam. Also, this carefully controlled thermal treatment ensures the elimination of pathogens without compromising the product’s integrity.

  1. Reverse Tunnel Pasteurisers:

Reverse tunnel pasteurizers are primarily used for glass bottles and containers. The bottles are first heated and then cooled, allowing for more precise control of the pasteurisation process. Besides, this method is particularly effective in maintaining the desired taste and texture of the beverage.

  1. Chamber Pasteurisers:

Chamber pasteurisers are versatile units that can handle various product types, including solid and liquid foods. Consequently, the products are placed inside the pasteurisation chamber, where they are heated to the required temperature for the specified duration. As a result, this method ensures consistent results and optimal pathogen elimination.



SAROM GLOBAL is a trusted and leading provider of high-quality HERMES pasteurisers, including flow, tunnel, reverse tunnel, and chamber pasteurisers. Moreover, their extensive experience in the industry and commitment to excellence make them an ideal partner for businesses seeking reliable pasteurisation solutions. Additionally, SAROM GLOBAL offers a range of customisable pasteurisation systems tailored to meet specific production needs. Besides, SAROM GLOBAL designs its equipment with advanced features and state-of-the-art technology, guaranteeing efficient and effective pasteurization processes.


  1. Expertise and Reliability: 

SAROM GLOBAL has a proven track record of delivering reliable HERMES pasteurisers to a wide range of industries. Also, their team of experts offers comprehensive support and guidance, optimizing the pasteurization process for maximum efficiency and safety.

  1. Customised Solutions: 

SAROM GLOBAL understands that each business has unique requirements. In addition, They offer customised pasteurisation systems that can be tailored to suit individual needs, guaranteeing seamless integration into existing production lines.

  1. Quality and Innovation: 

SAROM GLOBAL commits to delivering HERMES pasteurizers of the highest quality, incorporating innovative technologies for enhanced efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, their systems meet stringent industry standards, ensuring peace of mind and exceptional results.


Pasteurisation is a critical process for ensuring the safety and quality of food and beverages. SAROM GLOBAL provides a range of HERMES pasteurisers, such as flow, tunnel, reverse tunnel, and chamber pasteurisers, designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Moreover, with their expertise, food processing businesses can confidently implement efficient and reliable pasteurisation processes. Choose SAROM GLOBAL for exceptional pasteurisation solutions and experience the benefits of their top-quality equipment and exceptional customer service.

Remember, maintaining the highest standards of pasteurisation is vital for your product’s success. SAROM GLOBAL is your trusted partner in achieving those standards. Therefore, contact them to discover how their pasteurisers can revolutionise your production processes.