Engineering Consultant

As a prominent engineering consulting firm in Australia, Sarom Global provides a comprehensive range of specialised consulting services and engineering products. Discover how our industry experts can help optimise your business and overcome challenges.

The Main Goal of an Engineering Consultancy Firm

Engineering consulting firms have a vital role in providing specialised services and solutions to businesses. Our main goal at Sarom Global is to offer expert guidance and solutions that address technical, operational, and commercial issues, ensuring the smooth functioning of projects and optimising production. Our industry expertise helps businesses achieve their objectives efficiently and effectively.

Engineering Consulting Firms in Australia | Sarom GlobalSarom Global: Trusted Engineering Consulting Company in Australia

Australia boasts a vibrant engineering consulting sector, and Sarom Global is a reputable player in the industry. Our team of experts provides an extensive range of consulting services to clients spanning diverse industries.. From front-end project guidance to forensic failure analysis and incident investigations, we have the expertise to tackle diverse engineering challenges.

Engineering Consulting Services for Targeted Solutions

Sarom Global offers specialised consulting services delivered by industry experts. Our onsite or virtual one-on-one consultations provide deep insights into specific situations and projects, enabling us to offer effective solutions. Explore our specialised consulting options:

Front-End Project Guidance

Navigate the complexities of your projects with our front-end project guidance. Benefit from our expertise in planning, risk assessment, and strategic decision-making to ensure project success from the outset.

Major Asset Technical & Commercial Streamlining

Streamline your major assets’ technical and commercial aspects to optimise performance and maximise returns. Our experts provide comprehensive analysis and recommendations tailored to your unique requirements.

Forensic Failure Analysis and Incident Investigations

In the event of failures or incidents, trust Sarom Global for forensic failure analysis and incident investigations. We conduct thorough investigations to identify root causes, prevent future occurrences, and improve operational reliability.

Plant Optimization

Improve your plant’s efficiency and productivity with our plant optimization services. Our experts analyse your operations, identify bottlenecks, and implement tailored strategies to enhance overall performance.

Comprehensive Range of Engineering Products

In addition to our consulting services, Sarom Global offers a diverse selection of high-quality engineering products. Explore our range of products that cater to various industrial needs:

Engineering Products Offered:

Process Plant Design and Construction

Control Valves & ESD Valves

IoT IO Modules

Power Factor Correction


Engineering and Specialist Industrial Engineering Services

Sarom Global provides a comprehensive range of engineering and specialist industrial engineering services to support projects and assets. Our expertise covers process plant design and construction, control valves and ESD valves, IoT IO modules, power factor correction, and pasteurisers. Our services empower businesses with the essential technical expertise and resources required to fulfil their engineering requirements.

Contact with Sarom Global, Your Reliable Engineering Consulting Company

As a trusted engineering consulting firm and consultancy in Australia, Sarom Global is committed to providing expert guidance and solutions to enhance your business’s performance. Our multi disciplined consulting, engineering, and specialist trade services are tailored to address your unique challenges. Contact us today at 61283175089 or email to explore how our engineering consulting services can benefit your business.