Onsite Engineering and Trades


Onsite Engineering and Trades Overview

Onsite engineering and trades are the foundation of efficient industrial operations across multiple sectors, ensuring operational excellence, safety, and profitability. SAROM GLOBAL offers comprehensive onsite engineering and trades services tailored to meet the diverse needs of industries worldwide. 

Our services include end-to-end onsite technical support, along with equipment installation, upgrade, repair, and maintenance. This ensures efficient operations and minimal downtime for our clients. Our onsite engineering solutions are scalable and meet the needs of global projects and assets.  We provide  tradesman support to land and marine/offshore assets and FPSO facilities through meticulous inspection and remediation.

How SAROM GLOBAL’s Onsite Engineering and Trades Support Industrial Facilities and Factories:

Our specialisation in onsite engineering spans various sectors, including process plants, petrochemicals, energy, and utilities. We apply our in-depth knowledge to resolve complex process and equipment issues, including providing pragmatic support to enhance productivity. 

SAROM GLOBAL’s engineers, technologists, and tradespeople are strategically located to support existing plants and assets. We support with skilled professionals for commissioning greenfield and brownfield facilities. Additionally, we support  shutdowns and turnarounds.

Why Choose SAROM GLOBAL for Onsite Engineering and Trades?

Choose SAROM GLOBAL for unmatched expertise and comprehensive onsite engineering solutions. We excel in site-specific trades, plant upgrades, rejuvenation, and de-bottlenecking across various industries, including power, energy, oil & gas, chemical, and manufacturing. Our capabilities cover a wide range of processes and equipment, including control systems, turbines, compressors, and instrumentation. 

Furthermore, our industry experts deliver superior results by focusing on safety, efficiency, and reliability to drive operational excellence and maximise asset performance. Get in touch with SAROM GLOBAL for excellent onsite engineering and trade support for your industrial operations.