Major Projects & Assets Lessons Learned

Major Projects & Assets Lessons Learned

Industry projects and operational assets have experienced the highs and lows of success and failures. When project cost and schedule or operational budgets are on track, the success is often praised openly. When real struggles arise, the news is often quiet or downplayed. The knowledge of what has worked and why it is equally as important to what does not work. This knowledge is imperative to investors, executives, senior management and principal engineers.

As such, ask yourself;
How can Lessons Learned and Best Practices can be applied to prevent re-occurrence?
Is your organisation applying inflated or conservative quantity and schedule estimates that can undermine the success of securing financing or attainable return on investment from operational phases?

Investors may be disconnected from decision making thus impacting their investment as anticipated. Asset owners and managers may be incumbent of Front End decisions made out of their control. The Front End decisions determine the trajectory of how the business needs to respond or cope.

At a high level the business objectives including strategy and investments, should be clear. The translation from the business objective into an efficient project or asset covers many disciplines.

Our experienced staff have seen a range of issues and been involved with remediation. Engagement of such knowledge may help you prepare for your upcoming project investments or improve a currently operational asset.

Lessons Learned range from;

  • Business structure
  • Engineering & technology decisions
  • Construction & Construct-ability
  • Commissioning
  • Operational Plants and Optimisation of them

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