Why Should You Engage Process Control Engineering Consultant

Commissioning new plants and optimising existing ones requires specialist multidisciplinary knowledge. Our Process Control services are unique, we extend ourselves to any related aspect of Industrial Engineering impacting a process plants ability to control and optimise unit performance. Too often Process Control practitioners may constrain the control problems and solutions within a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), DCS (Distributed Control System) APC (Advanced Process Control / Model Based Control). Whereas, our approach is to look at the fundamental business objectives, the innate process behaviour, plant design and the associated supporting controlling systems and instrumentation. We study the problems and investigate where best to improve or remediate hardware and / or develop PLC, DCS control strategies or APC model & algorithm improvements.

Our services bridge across all Industrial Engineering related disciplines of Process Control Engineering, Instrument Engineering, Process Engineering Consultancy, Process Control Engineering Consultancy, Instrument Engineering Consultancy. Doing so, enables our clients to engage us singularly to serve all their Process Control needs.

Our systems knowledge covers all major manufactures of PLC’s, DCS’s, APC’s, process simulation platforms and operator training systems, e.g. Honeywell, Yokogawa, Emerson, Schneider, Invensys, Foxboro. We are vendor agnostic and can also provide guidance on relevant features important to consider. Our APC experience include Honeywell Profit Controller, Yokogawa PACE & SMOC, Aspen Tech DMC. Our simulation & Operator Training System (OTS) experience include Aspentech Hysys, Honeywell Unisim, DWSIM, Yokogawa Omegaland.

What does a Process Control Engineering consultant do?

Let’s take a look at what Process Control Engineering consultants do and what you may expect from us.

Project Engineering phases are different to an Operational Asset. Within a Project there are a number of stages where the technology and economic decisions are explored to ensure a proper fit for the plant being designed, including safety and compliance and the available investment. During an Operational Asset phase, the business operational and engineering staff at times will be exposed to unforeseen problems or business opportunities that may not have been a priority to the project at the time.

An experienced Process Control Engineering Consultant, can aid in both Project and Asset Phases, by balancing the fundamental business needs with sound advise covering equipment design and selection, associated instrumentation & control systems, electrical power & control systems. In the Project Phase, once the technology is selected, then the Process Control Engineer can work with all interfacing disciplines to ensure the Process Control Strategies are developed to achieve the Functional & Operational Requirements. During an Operational Asset, the Process Control Engineer can study unit performance, optimisation opportunities, emperical unit transitory response and lead activities from simple PID (control loop) tuning through to complex control strategy improvements and where to improve hardware that is constraining unit Process Control Performance. Additionally the Process Control Engineering Consultant can develop software process & control models to test scenarios and improvement virtually via modern Digitisation / Digital Twin techniques.

In both Project and Asset Phases it is important a Process Control Engineer also provides guidance on operability aspects that concern Panel & Field Operators. This may often include overlooked HMI (Human Machine Interface) PLC / DCS panel graphics, alarms, trending systems and ease of navigation.

What does SAROM GLOBAL have to offer?

Our staff are experienced with major projects and operational assets. We can work either embedded as ‘Owners Engineers / Client Engineers’ where effectively we are part of your enterprise or provided complete Turnkey engineering detailed design, hardware and commissioning & start up support and the perpetual operational support.

We can develop detailed Functional Requirements, Process Control & Safeguarding Narratives. Our specialisation also extends to ensuring adequate equipment coordination of Process Equipment Design and Instrumentation.

Our expertise is in bridging multidisciplinary facets and leading all aspect concerning Process Control. We are able to specify Process & Instrumentation hardware requirements, lead and work through entire technological needs to pursue optimal process control of your plant.

Our Responsibilities as a Process Control Engineering Consultant includes:

● Basic Engineering and Detailed Engineering.
● Project feasibility and equipment research
● Supporting Engineers, Craftsmen and Tradesmen at all levels. Be them, graduate, apprentices or senior staff.
● Estimation and planning of costs.
● Specifying Hardware & Systems Technology
● Performance Testing Services in Project Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) or Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)
● Entire Plant Start Up and Optimisation, including Tuning, Advance Process Control and Remediation of equipment issues impacting plant performance.

● Supporting and guidance of your operational asset with industry best practices from globally experienced staff.

Industries we serve:

Our process control engineering consultants have experience in the following industries.

● Energy, Gas Turbines, Boilers, Heat Steam Recovery & Co Generation Plants
● Utility, Power, Water, Steam, Air, Desalination
● Oil, Gas & Refining, Hydrogen
● Cryogenics, Air Separation LOX, LN2, Ar, O2, Membrane
● Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) & its associated Cryogenics and Gas Conditioning and Processing
● Syn Gas, Ammonia and Hydrogen plants
● Chemical

We hope this has provided you with a better idea of what we do and what we can do for you. Every element of a project or an operational asset is important in determining the method to approach. To know more about our company or services, kindly contact us or visit us. We would be more than happy to help.


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