Power Factor Correction Systems While in use, every electrical equipment uses energy. That is genuine power. Meanwhile, there is also reactive power. However, reactive power is not the same as real power. This power will not be used directly by the gadgets. It may only add to the rising monthly bills.

The perceived power is created by combining real and reactive power. The power factor is related to apparent power. Consider the following if you want to learn more about it. We’ll also go through how to use the power factor, why it’s important, how to use power factor correction devices and how to increase the power factor. We’ll also go through its formula.

The power factor is a relationship between apparent and actual power. Based on the relationship between real and apparent power, we can have both poor and good power factors. The electricity bill will be higher if the power factor is low. Let’s go through some more specifics.

What is Power Factor and Power Factor Correction Systems?

You now understand the concepts of real power, apparent power and power factor. The link between real and apparent power is known as the power factor. What will happen if your power factor is low? You’ll wind up spending more money on energy consumption as a result. Is it possible for you to get it right? Yes, you should think about boosting your power factor. We’ll figure out how to do it.

It is a power-saving technology, as previously stated. This technology can help you save money on your electricity bill. In addition, it will keep the reactive power usage at the same level as before. As a result, the power factor will not drop below the specified level and you will be able to keep track of your energy costs. SAROM GLOBAL is where you’ll find the best devices and components related to it.

It amplifies the load of the power factor. It will also improve the distribution system’s efficiency. It will use passive components to rectify the linear loads. The power drawn from the system will also be deformed by the non-linear loads.

Both passive and active of this system, can aid in these situations. They can help to improve and reduce power factor distortion. The power factor correction device will be located at the central substation. It can assist lower your electricity bill by correcting the power factor.

Necessity :

To keep the energy bills under control, you should all be aware of power factor and power factor correction systems. You may save money on your electricity bill by following a few simple measures. It will also save you a lot of money in the long run. You may have seen from the foregoing that reactive power costs more. Your devices, on the other hand, do not directly utilise this power. As a result, there’s no use in paying the extra fee. You can save money and use it for other things if your power factor improves. A good power factor, on the other hand, will extend the life of your electrical devices. There are numerous advantages, but you must know how to do it correctly in order to reap all of them.

The majority of power suppliers will charge you per kilowatt-hour (for the baseload). The maximum demand tariff will also be charged. The power factor will improve when the maximum demand tariff is measured in kVA. It will also reduce the kVA of your installation. As a result, energy expenses will be cheaper and the maximum demand tariff will be reduced. You can expect long-term benefits from this installation.

You might be wondering why a power factor correction system is necessary. As previously indicated, the minimum power factor is regulated by the network. If you do not meet the minimum power factor, the corporation will charge you extra. The value determined will be different depending on the region.

It’s worth noting that for the same amount of power consumption, a low power factor will draw more power than a higher power factor. You can reduce your power consumption by improving the power factor. Your system will use less reactive power as a result of the technology. Consequently, it may be able to assist in the reduction of monthly energy bills. You can also control the capacity charges.

It will have a payback period of one to three years. As a result, you can regard this investment as a monthly benefit. When it comes to weak power factors, voltage drops and power losses can occur. Both of these circumstances can induce motor failure due to overheating. If your electrical system has a low power factor, you can use it technology to avoid costly repairs. This addition will reduce your system’s energy demand and increase efficiency stability. Aside from that, it might help you figure out how much power you’re using.

How to Calculate Power Factor Correction?

You now understand how it can help you save money on your energy costs and avoid harm from overheating. After that, we’ll go over how to figure out your power factor correction. You’ll need to complete the three steps below.

1. Begin with the actual load. You’ll need to figure out how many kW(actual load)

Kw=Current I x Volts V x Power Factor Pf x √3

2. In this step, you’ll have to determine kVAr (the Required Power Factor Correction)

kVAr Power Factor Correction= KW (TanΦi – TanΦd) Φd =Required Power Factor Pf Φi = Initial Power Factor Pf

3. Finally, you’ll need to figure out kAVr (Actual Power Factor Correction)

kVVr Pf= TanΦi – Correction kVAr

You can determine your power factor by following the instructions above.


The power factor has a big impact on whether your monthly energy consumption goes up or down. If you see that your power factor is low, you can work on improving it. In this case, its components or devices can be of huge help. You will have to pay less on energy usage after its installation. Furthermore, without overheating, the electric equipment will endure a long time. To know more about , it is always best to consult an industry specialist like SAROM GLOBAL.

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