Instrument engineering consultant


We have specialist instrument knowledge in Process Measurement, Analytical Measurement / Analysers & Final Elements such as valves, variable speed drive control, turbines, pumps and compressors.

We can assist with basic instrumentation through to complex matters including independent client support for Warranty Claim processes.  We can help with front end project specification and selection of suitable instrument types or upgrades and rejuvenation works.

Process Measurement

  • Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level
  • dP and P, radar, ultrasonic
  • RTD, Thermocouple
  • Eddy Current Proximiters for condition monitoring axial and displacement

Control Valves

  • We have specialist knowledge regarding control-ability specification that is often missed in project and asset phases and by OEM’s and Contracting Designers.
  • Positioner tuning & optimisation
  • Precision valve and final element controller
  • Servo control systems, hydraulic, pneumatic and LVDT systems.
  • Extreme service valves and forensic analysis
  • Sub sea valves, pipeline valves and pig hatches
  • Cyrogenic JTV’s
  • Compressor Anti Surge, Capacity Control & Guide Vanes


  • FID
  • Chromatography
  • Wet / water pH & conductivity

Procedure reviews and development

  • Pre-commissioning and commission procedures
  • Maintenance procedures

Asset & Project Owners Representation

  • Functional Design Reviews
  • Construct ability Reviews
  • Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
  • Alarm Management & Rational Determinations
  • Operational Control Room Layout, Ergonomics & Architecture
    • Human Engineering Factors, HMI, Consoles, Aspect Ratios
    • HMI Graphic Hierarchy
    • Process Operational Historian Systems & Trending Systems

Owners Engineering & Client Representative Engineering Services

  • Globally experienced in representing Clients, OEM’s & EPC’s
  • Client Warranty Claim Representation for Projects